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The first thing to remember is that having bad credit doesn't make you a bad person. Our country has seen its share of ups and downs, particularly over the last ten years. If your credit isn't great today, it can be in the future, and just like our country, whether or not you are having a hard moment in your financial life you are still valuable!

At Puente Hills Hyundai we are proud to be the leading bad credit car dealership! A place where car owners all over California can come for bad credit car loans. At our Hyundai dealership, we understand the difficulty of having to ask for bad credit financing or a sub-prime car loan.

At Puente Hills Hyundai we often have the pleasure of speaking with drivers from Whittier, Lake Forest, and Pomona, CA. who feel uncertain and overwhelmed by the task of seeking out and securing bad credit financing. Luckily, the concern ends when you speak with the talented team of finance associates at Puente Hills Hyundai. We have experience with helping a full range of credit ratings, from the lowest to the highest, and we are here to guide you through the process of getting the financial help you deserve. 

At Puente Hills Hyundai, our dealership's goal is to ensure that we aren't just making a decision for you, but we empower our customers with knowledge. We make sure you fully comprehend the steps we will take together during the bad credit financing process. 

The Steps In Financing

First, we answer any questions that you have about the process. 

Next, we will carefully review your unique credit rating. Something you can do to get the ball rolling is complete and submit a credit application. The secure, online credit application is a tool that will let us gather the information we need to get you financed and carries no obligation. We want to help you get the foothold you need to begin repairing your bad credit. Getting a copy of your credit report is an important step in repairing your credit, and understanding it is an essential part in becoming financially independent! 

 After we receive your credit application, we will go over the following:

  • Your Financial Records

  • Your Debt-To-Income Ratio

  • Your Credit Score

  • The Factors That Led To Your Unique Credit Rating; this includes good and bad practices you've had throughout your financial history.


Puente Hills Hyundai provides California drivers from Pomona, and Whittier with the bad credit financing they need. Our skilled team of finance associates has steady partnerships with a network of automotive lenders. These relationships allow our finance department to aggressively pursue finance rates that meet your budget. Speak with us directly at Puente Hills Hyundai and discover a car dealership where you are treated with courtesy and respect.

It's important to remember that you are not every bad financial decision that you have ever made, you deserve to walk with your head held high regardless of what your credit score is.


If you have bad credit financing or sub-prime auto loans in the past, it does not impact your ability to be approved for aid today. Our finance associates have helped many drivers who have less than perfect credit situations. We can also help you take control of:

  • Your repossession

  • Your bankruptcy filing

  • Your divorce

  • Your foreclosure

  • Any financial event or crisis that negatively impacted your credit score

You should have vehicle financing that gives you the ability to make your monthly payments with ease; you should have assistance from Puente Hills Hyundai!  Our friendly staff is here to help.

Stay Hopeful, You May Still Be Eligible 

Receiving bad credit car financing takes more into account than your bad credit rating. Lenders take a look at a variety of factors when they are trying to help drivers with bad credit. Some of these factors are the size of down payment you plan to offer, your income-to-debt ratio as well as how much you're looking to borrow. Our Puente Hills Hyundaidealership reviews your credit history to learn what landmarks caused that low credit score to begin with. If any of the following were a factor in creating your bad credit score, you might still be eligible:

  1. Writing bad checks

  2. Missing payments

  3. Foreclosure

Don't just decide that you don't have the right credit! Invest in yourself, and give us the opportunity to try to help you!

Your Dream Car!

After you have been granted bad credit car financing, and decided on the size of your down payment, it will be time to buy a car from Puente Hills Hyundai near Pomona and Whittier. Our Hyundai dealership carries a full selection of new and used vehicles. While you are here browsing our website, click on our stock of new and used cars then speak with a sales associate about a test drive.


If you have bad credit but are in the need of a vehicle, Come to  Puente Hills Hyundai where our team can help you buy or lease a car no matter what your credit looks like. Our dealership has a great reputation for bad credit car loans in Puente Hills, Pomona, and Whittier. We will not let your credit history hold you back from driving away in the car of your dreams. Even if you've been denied by different dealerships before, Puente Hills Hyundai will have a payment plan that will work with your credit. Our finance department will work with banks directly to help you get into a car you'll love and can afford. We know how tough life can be without a car, that's why our bad credit car dealership in Puente Hills, Pomona, and Whittier are dedicated to helping you get a car. 


The car buying process in itself is very time consuming. You have to consider all the options available, vehicle condition, and most importantly the price. If you have bad credit, the price is most likely the primary focus of buying a vehicle. At Puente Hills Hyundai bad credit car loan is targeted for those that do not have credit or have bad credit. Not only can we get you financed, our bad credit car dealerships can offer low financing rates for those with bad credit. To make things even easier you can apply to be pre-approved for our bad credit car loan.


Puente Hills Hyundai looks forward to serving you, and the Puente Hills Community. 


Let Us Show You How We Plan To Make You Part Of The Puente Hills Family. Please feel free to call us at 877-799-0889, or visit our store at 17621 Gale Ave, City of Industry, CA 91748.