Puente Hills Customs

Here at Puente Hills we know Custom Cars! We offer Bulk Upgrades, warranties on parts, and we help you make the best custom buying decisions. Whether you want to buy one of our already customized models, or you're looking for  OEM Parts, Accessories, and Vehicle Customization including Tints, Chrome Black Out, Aftermarket Wheels and more, please reach out to a Team you can trust!

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Your tonneau is the area of your car or truck that is open to the elements. Whether you're storing tools, equipment, furniture, or groceries you might need some protections. Here at Puente Hills we offer custom tonneau covers that aren't only practical, they're stylish. 


For those of you looking for genuine versatility, start with your tires. Here at Puente Hills we offer tires that have as much capability off the road as they do on the road. They have multifaceted tread blocks that help deliver traction in any direction on sand, gravel roads, and even dirt trails. California has every landscape on earth, that means you need all-season versatility, including traction in snow. We have a variety of offerings when it  comes to tires, so whether it's a run of the mill all terrain tire, or a 33 inch rugged terrain beast, shop with us. 

We don't just stop there, we all off FREE TIRE ROTATION, BALANCE AND FLAT TIRE REPAIR FOR THE LIFE OF THE TIRES (tires must be in repairable condition) 



When you love big trucks, lifted or just massive, climbing into them can be a chore. Running boards give you a leg up, a step that is typically at the foot of a truck's door. But they serve another function. Running boards can protect your car vehicles from various forms of road debris. While you're off roading, or just driving down a road in need of repair, your running boards can protect your car from dings, and the need for a touch up paint job! COMES WITH FREE TIRE ROTATION, BALANCE AND FLAT TIRE REPAIR FOR THE LIFE OF THE TIRES (tire must be in repairable condition)


Most trucks are designed with a certain amount of rake to them. The front of the truck is a little bit lower than the back. When you load up your tonneau to its maximum amount the back will compress and sit a little lower. 

A leveling kit allows you to balance your truck, raising the front end, and letting you fit larger wheels, sometimes up to 35 inches in a stock application, giving your truck an even more imposing image. Here at Puente Hills we know lifted trucks. If you're looking for 2.5 Front or 2.5 Rear leveling kits, we have them!  (All New LEVELING Kit Parts Come With Lifetime WARRANTY)



We don't just stop at tires and lift kits. For the custom car of your dreams you're going to want Custom Wheels. We have a variety of custom wheels to choose from ! Come check out our new custom gloss black wheels!