If you are looking for a used car in the City of Industry or the surrounding areas, at Puente Hills Hyundai we have a huge inventory of Hyundai certified Pre-Owned vehiclesPuente Hills Hyundai makes every effort to keep their staff and customers alike happy and energized through the entire car buying experience. 

We aim to take care of every automotive need that the customer may have. We even have a customer loyalty program so we can help our ongoing customers save money in the long run. Apart from translating the best customer experience, we also aim to keep them informed and stress-free during the entire car buying experience. 

Being in ten years and overrunning partnership with Hyundai Motor Company, our prime focus has been offering Hyundai-centric deals and after-sale support, apart from offering Hyundai make vehicles. Thanks to all our happy customers out there and due to their positive reviews, we have consistently been scoring a 4.8 rating on CARFAX.com

We can proudly say that we owe all this to keeping a family-based environment around here and limiting the corporative atmosphere. This enables our sales team NOT to use pressure to make profits, but rather they guide the customer through while keeping their apprehensions, restrictions, and budget criteria in mind. Our sales staff tactics are present to make your car buying decision process less stressful and more informed.  

Why Buy Certified Hyundai Cars?

Hoping that a used car won't break down in the worst situation, is a prime concern of the buyer when buying a "pre-owned car". Therefore, shopping for a car can prove to be a stressful process for the buyer sometimes, especially if they are not informed. Studies show that most buyers might be aware of the difference between new and pre-owned vehicles. Only a few buyers out there have sufficient information on "certified pre-owned vehicles". 

A certified pre-owned vehicle, in simple terms, is a used car that is preconditioned and maintained as per manufacturers' specifications and standards. In our case, Hyundai Motor Company. It doesn't fall under the traditional "new" or "used cars" category, because it's relatively not new and it's been altered to "exceed" and "out-perform" any other used car under the same model name and specifications. In short, a certified pre-owned vehicle category is guaranteed to outperform in the long run, since they have been maintained as per the manufacturer's failsafe standards.  

Each certified pre-owned Hyundai car, pickup, or SUV with Puente Hills Hyundai, undergoes an extensive 173-point inspection and comes with a free CarFax Vehicle History report

Some of the other benefits of owning a certified pre-owned vehicle include:

Protection of Extended Warranty 

Getting a new warranty for a new car may be simple, but getting a warranty for a used car or a pre-owned vehicle can prove to be a struggle sometimes. This is only because manufacturers are "aware" of the conditions their newly manufactured vehicle is, whereas due to the "unknown" conditional nature of the used car manufacturers struggle financially to back pre-owned cars. But, "certified pre-owned vehicles" have a special warranty program with the manufacturers. It might not be equal to the program being offered with a new car but it will be an extended warranty program that can serve the owner of the vehicle for a few good years.

Low-Interest Financing Options 

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles might be pricier than other conventional pre-owned vehicles, but certified pre-owned vehicles are easily quality for "low-interest financing" options. These options are almost equal to the financing options being offered for new cars. This can eventually lower the monthly installment and enables the buyer to get an affordable budget for a vehicle of his choice.  

Free Maintenance for Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles 

As part of the "Certified Pre Owned Vehicles" program with many manufacturers, including Hyundai Motor Company, a free maintenance program is also featured for a certain period of time. Sometimes the vehicle will get free maintenance after covering several miles, as part of the certification process. The car is maintained by us, Puente Hills Hyundai in accordance with manufacturers' standards, for example in terms of a tire rotation, oil changes at recommended intervals, etc. This is something that all vehicle owners desire since they want their cars to be optimal at all times. 

Quality for those Standards 

As mentioned before, most people are not aware of the difference between conventionally used cars and certified pre-owned vehicles Therefore they are not aware of the stringent quality standards that are set by the manufacturers in order to certify them. When buying certified pre-owned Hyundai vehicles with Puente Hills Hyundai, you will be buying a vehicle that is "tested" and maintained for high quality in terms of drive, power, and durability. With Hyundai certified pre-owned vehicles, you will also get a 10-year / Unlimited Mile Roadside Assistance program, a three-month no charge Sirius XM Satellite Radio, and the option to purchase a Hyundai Protection Plan, which will cover all vehicle servicing needs as per the manufacturer's standard.  

Certified Pre Owned Vehicles Leasing Programs 

Since certified pre-owned vehicles have been maintained for higher quality, therefore they traditionally have the properties of a new car. Due to this, the buyer can take advantage of the multiple car lease programs available for certified pre-owned Hyundai Vehicles with Puente Hills Hyundai, allowing the buyer to drive that car through affordable lease amounts and payments.

When you are ready to check out our inventory, then be sure to make the short drive to Puente Hills Hyundai Dealership located at 17621 E Gale Avenue, City of Industry, CA 91748. Our sales staff are ever-present to guide you and help you through your vehicle buying concerns and tell you more about what we have to offer on certified pre-owned vehicle programs with us.