Hyundai Lease Return Center

What to Do When Your Hyundai Lease Ends in City of Industry, CA

Have you been driving a new Hyundai Sonata for the past three years? Is your lease getting close to its expiration date? If you fell in love with this midsize sedan, you have the option to buy it and make it yours. Or, you can return it to Puente Hills Hyundai and lease another model like the Hyundai Venue or Hyundai Tucson. We’ve designed the end-of-lease process to be simple and quick for California drivers. We’ll even help you prepare while you’re at home.

In addition to serving as a lease return center, Puente Hills Hyundai is also a certified dealership that buys used cars. We have an Edmunds Trade-In Tool that appraises the worth of any make and model that you have.

Are You Returning or Keeping Your Lease?

That’s the question that you need to answer. If you return your leased Hyundai Tucson, you can walk away or sign a new lease. The Puente Hills Hyundai showroom has all the latest cars and SUVs, making it easy to choose your next ride. If you decide that you want to purchase your leased Hyundai Elantra, we’ll give you a competitive offer. Either way, it’ll be a smooth journey at your City of Industry Hyundai dealership.

What to Expect When You Return Your Hyundai Lease

If you’re going to return your leased Hyundai model, the first thing you’ll do is identify wear-and-tear damage. To avoid extra charges, you can repair any fixable issues on your own. We recommend cleaning the exterior and interior and removing all personal items. Be sure you have all the vehicle accessories, keys and keyless remotes, and the owner’s manual. You’ll also need to get a copy of the odometer disclosure statement. Bring everything to the formal inspection that you schedule at Puente Hills Hyundai.

Doing all this work beforehand will expedite the lease-return process in City of Industry, CA. After examining your lease, we’ll take it off your hands. If you have any questions about the inspection process or any documentation, please call us. Our sales team is well-versed in Hyundai leasing and will be happy to assist you. Whether you’re selling a used car or returning your leased Hyundai Palisade, we are the place to go.

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